Why Your Baseball Team Needs Fundraising Coupon Books

There are many youth baseball teams that have a hard time raising money for uniforms, travel and expenses - and most importantly - safety equipment to protect players. The burden for these costs usually lies solely on the parents or guardians, who can't always afford the money it takes for their kids to play in team sports. When you choose to raise money by fundraising coupon books, your needs can be met without the hassle of many types of fundraisers.

An easy fundraiser for baseball teams

To take the pressure off of parents and other family members, a good old-fashioned fundraiser might be what the team needs to get the funds they need for a successful season. It's spring - school will be out soon and you don't necessarily want to spend time managing a complicated fundraiser. 

Fundraising Coupon Books

One of the most successful ways to raise money - and for sure one of the easiest to manage - is a coupon book fundraiser. With no upfront cost, coupon books are on consignment. The coupon books are bright, colorful and host hundreds of dollars in savings - from local merchants as well as national companies and brands. 

Easy to sell

Who doesn't appreciate saving money? Your customers will see coupons from familiar businesses that they already patronize - as well as new places they will be excited to try. You will be surprised at how many people enjoy purchasing coupon books for themselves as well as for gifts for their friends and family. Many people look forward to new books coming out each year. 

Helps local businesses

Business owners are able to advertise at no cost in beautifully designed fundraising coupon books. They are on the receiving end of having more foot traffic through their doors, both repeat and new customers. They also benefit by the community knowing that they support youth programs. 

What you get

Your team can earn up to 50% in profits, and you will have help along the way with experts in the fundraising field. Give your team the opportunity to earn the finances needed for top-notch equipment, help with travel expenses and uniforms - with fundraising coupon books.