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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is my tracking number? When can I expect my order?
Since we do not charge for shipping (based on customer feedback), most individual orders do not include a tracking number. We ship individual orders via a USPS service, and these *may* take 7-10 business days from the ship date to arrive. However, most packages are arriving sooner than expected.

Where can I find my code to activate my mobile subscription?
This is on the cover of your book at the bottom of the cell phone graphic.

I registered my code, but it says all my deals expire at the end of this year?
Our digital membership is set up on a calendar year for our merchants. So right now, you have access to this year’s coupons and next calendar year you will be able to access the coupons for the next calendar year.

Where is the book for my area?
Click “Buy Books” and select your state. All books for that state will be shown on that page; if you do not see your region, we may not have a book in your area.

What’s in the book this year?
Click “Buy Books” and select your state, then click on the book for your region. Use the link “Flip Thru the Pages of This Book” to see what is featured in this year’s book!

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