Why You Need Free Advertising In A SaveAround Coupon Book

If you ask a merchant or business owner their opinion about free advertising in coupon books – you will find that they have many positive experiences. They will tell you they not only have gained new customers but their business has seen a high number of return customers.


Who doesn’t like a good deal?


When you choose to advertise your services or products in fundraiser coupon books, you not only see an increase of activity coming through your door, but you also provide your valued customers with something they can enjoy. Studies have shown that consumers will travel outside their normal travel areas just to save a few dollars. When saving in one area with their discount coupon, shoppers and restaurant goers tend to spend more than usual during their visit. It’s common for customers to actually purchase additional items at a higher price - all because they have a discount coupon. This discount coupon has cost nothing for the business owner, yet yields more profit than the cost of the discount.


Support local non-profit groups


It never hurts to show your customers or clients that you are a staunch supporter of your community’s local non-profit organizations. Whether it be a sports team or school, showing that you care about your non-profits not only helps the groups involved, but it gives your business the reputation of community involvement.


What you get with your free advertising


Fundraising coupon books are bright, bold and colorful – and your advertisement will be too. Your customers or clients won’t be able to miss your logo or brand as they seek out and plan their next outing using their newly purchased coupon books.  Placing your advertisement is easy. All you need to do is give your representative your logo and the information about your discount – and leave the rest to them. When the coupon books are printed and distributed, you will enjoy the feedback you’ll get from new and old clientele. Don’t lose out on this sure-fire way to get increase your business – with free advertising!