When you fundraise, offer your supporters something valuable

You know the drill: get your organization together, learn about the product and the ordering process, and then hit the pavement to actually make the sale. Fundraising is a process many organizations go through, and many more still are thinking about starting.

It can sometimes seem mysterious what fundraisers are actually effective. Which products sell and which don’t? There’s not enough time in the fundraising season to find out! Here’s the thing: most of what determines success happens before you get started. The most important choice is by far choosing a valuable fundraiser in the first place.

Why bother selling tubs of popcorn at high markups? When you start a popcorn fundraiser, you’re asking a lot of your supporters. You’re asking your team to go out and ask those close to them to sell a $3 tub of popcorn for $25. And your asking the supporters you’re trying to reach to help your fundraising who get very little in return.

That’s where we come in. SaveAround has built a name for itself in the fundraising space for over four decades by doing one thing and one thing only: offering a fantastic value for our fundraising groups and their supporters. With coupon books customized for hundreds of local markets across the US, you can be sure to find great savings and a fun time at the restaurants, shops, and entertainment options near you. What would you rather sell: a product with relatively low value that can only be used a few times or a product with high perceived value that can be used all year round?

A little bit more about fundraising with SaveAround Coupon Books:

  • No risk - all books on consignment
  • Books sell for only $25
  • Up to 50% profit margins
  • Each book contains thousands in savings
  • Access to our online fundraising platform, SupportOurGroups
  • Support from our world-class fundraising team

Make your next fundraiser a success with the Nation’s leading coupon book company!