SaveAround Makes It Easy To Save

Things have changed in the coupon world!

Previously, clipping coupons and using them was undeniably slow and provided a relatively low return for the amount of time it took. SaveAround took a lot of work off your plate by compiling thousands of deals in your hometown right into a singular book and mobile app. Gone are the days of scanning through dozens of periodicals and online websites!

A few major changes have made saving a fundamentally different endeavor today than it was even a few years ago.

First, technology! Finding relevant offers used to take an entire afternoon buried in the Sunday newspaper. Today, open the SaveAround app and see what businesses are within walking or driving distance of your current location. Even better, see the offers and promotions those businesses are running right on your phone and check their hours, too — no need to call ahead or guess if the deal will be honored. If it’s in the app, you’re good to go. Additionally, presenting your phone makes redemption quick and easy for the merchant — eliminating those stalls in line you might remember from when you were a child.

Second, advertising! While it might sound strange to you, businesses today actually want you to use their coupons. In the past, there might have only been one or two places to shop. But now, there are so many options that getting people in the door is often a small businesses’ number one problem. So, offering discounts (even ones that seem great, like BOGO Entrees) to consumers still helps businesses come out ahead in terms of their bottom line. Everyone wins — businesses get more traffic, consumers save, and your purchase even helps your local community!

Third and finally, fundraising! Businesses used to run ads in newspapers to help their bottom line. But the SaveAround coupon book is based on a fundraising business model. That means schools, sports teams, and community organizations sell our books to raise money for their causes. Because of that, every time consumers use our books to save, the causes you care about also benefit. Same thing for businesses! In a time where big corporations rule, identifying and using coupons is one way you can keep your hard-earned money in your local economy. Better yet, it makes shopping local more competitive price-wise when compared to the major online retailers.

All this goes to say: save with pride; save with SaveAround!

PS: NEW 2019 SaveAround books will be coming out in a couple of short months. Follow our Facebook page for updates!