The Little Known Benefits to Using the SaveAround Coupon Book

There are so many fundraisers at this time of year that it’s hard to decide which ones to support and which products you actually want and can use. You want to help your neighbor kids, your friend’s kids, your cousins and every kid who rings your doorbell with their fundraising efforts – but let’s face it – you just can’t buy everything. At some point, you have to decide to help with fundraisers, but only with products you can use.

Everyone’s budget is tight these days and you are probably one of the many cautious consumers. Helping with fundraising is a wonderful thing – as long as it doesn’t stretch your budget beyond its means. It’s important to purchase wisely and think of your finances as well as the non-profit organizations you support.

Which products are worth your money

It’s hard to say no, but sometimes you have to. Deciding which products to buy, and which non-profits to support can be difficult. You can usually count on food items to be offered. Do you really need more cookie dough? If you’re on a special diet, chances are you’ve bought cookie dough before and given it away. Magazines? Do you read them? How many cards and gift wrap do you have stacked away in your closet? Be strong – say no to the products you don’t want, need or use.

What you may not know about the coupon book

One fundraising product you don’t want to say no to is the discount coupon book. With this fundraiser,  you will spend a little to save a lot.  Did you know that a fundraising coupon book has discounts worth many hundreds of dollars? These are not discounts for random businesses. You have seen those types of coupons that come in the mail. Many of those are very small discounts for places that you would never visit.

If you aren’t familiar with the coupon book, you’re in for a surprise. They support your community by featuring local business – but that’s not all. You will find significant discounts for national and well-known brands as well. You will be able to save on hotels, car rentals, and travel.

  • Car rental
  • Fast food
  • Great restaurants
  • Hotels
  • Movies
  • Travel

The coupon book offers you discounts at places that you frequent on a regular basis. If you use the movie coupons alone, the savings will exceed what you have paid for the book. Maybe you don’t like fast food, but you will be happy to use the restaurant coupons. Local and national chains are included.

They have a handy table of contents on the first page that tells you what is in the coupon book. With this helpful page, you can easily turn directly to the business that you’re interested in. It also gives you a first-hand look at the businesses and companies that are included.

Saving money has never been easier

Coupons are eagerly accepted by all of the companies who have chosen to offer discounts. They have wisely chosen this method of advertising in order to reach new customers and keep their current customers. They appreciate your business and want to help you save money and at the same time boost their customer base.  

Mobile app. The mobile app is an easy way for you to utilize your discounts directly from your personal device. All you have to do is download the free app and activate your book with the special code that is written in your book. Saving has never been easier.

Helping non-profits – local businesses – and yourself

Everyone knows that it is difficult for non-profits to maintain their programs. Most of them involve kids – and it’s always hard to say no to kids. Every group has their own specific goals to reach - and for many, fundraisers make or break the success of their program. But the simple truth is – you just can’t help everyone.

If you have people close to you that work with fundraisers – encourage them to use discount coupon books to raise the funds they need. Coupon books continue to be the number one fundraiser in the country. The reasons for this is easy – they are easy to manage, and easy to sell.

Now that you know more about how much you can save when you purchase a coupon book, your choice will be easy. Continue to support the fundraisers that you can – but when you have the chance to buy a coupon book – make sure you get one. You’ll save money throughout the year frequenting your regular businesses and maybe even trying some new ones.