The Advantages of the Discount Coupon Book Mobile App

We hear a lot about Millennials (or Generation X). Their spending habits, their causes, job success and how they raise their families. Nearly everything about them has been scrutinized, as is each generation. They (or you) are the first generation to reach adulthood during the 21st century.

The largest generation

The descriptive names of generations are interesting – the Millennial generation includes those who were born in the late 1970s to the early 1980s and ends in birth years from the mid-1990s to the early 2000s.

Previously, the Baby Boomers were considered the largest generation. They were born during a time that the birth rate had increased following World War II. These birth dates were between 1946 and 1964. According to population measurements taken in April 2016, the Millennial Generation passed the Boomers in population numbers in the U.S.  

Since the Millennials is both the largest in number and are the first generation to be high-tech, it’s important to consider technology when creating new products. Pleasing this large group is important.

Discount coupon books – reaching out to Millennials (and other tech-savvy folks)

Many people of all generations use discount coupon books. Everyone loves a discount at their favorite business, restaurant or recreational hot spot – and even for a fast food lunch. These types of businesses are just a small sample of the businesses that offer discounts you can enjoy when you buy a coupon book.

The problem with coupons is that you never seem to have them when you need them. If you keep them in your car, you will need them in the house while you’re placing an order on your computer. If you have them in the house, you won’t have them when you’re actually at the store or restaurant. Before you know it, you try to use one notice that it has expired.

Easy to use mobile app. With the mobile app that comes with your new coupon book, you don’t have to worry about tearing out the coupons. No more worries about making sure they are in a place where you can get to them easily when you need them.

You don’t necessarily have to be a super-tech to use this new way to access your discount coupons. All you have to do is download it on your mobile device and enter in your unique activation code. The folks at the businesses you are visiting will be able to accept the coupon and you will get your discount.

When customers use the mobile app, the merchants will be able to easily keep track of how many discounts have been used, and the successfulness of their coupon book advertising.

The many benefits of a fundraising discount coupon book

There are many benefits of discount coupon books.

  • Customers
  • Fundraiser participants
  • Local businesses
  • Non-profit organizations

Customers. When a non-profit organization chooses a discount coupon book as their fundraiser – they have chosen wisely. With a coupon book fundraiser, the non-profit organizations can be satisfied that they are offering a worthwhile product to their customers – while they raise the funds needed to continue with their programs.  

Participants of fundraiser. Those who participate in fundraisers sometimes have difficulty selling the products – and many of these participants are kids. When a product is hard to sell, it makes for a frustrating experience for kids and parents alike. With coupon books – there is no hard-sell, because the books sell themselves. Coupon books are also a clean and easy fundraiser to manage.

Local businesses. With free advertising, local businesses appreciate new customers coming through their doors. They also like to be able to give a discount to their regular and return customers.

Non-profit organizations. Many non-profit organizations depend on fundraisers in order to meet their budgets and keep their programs going. They need a fundraiser that is easy to manage, easy to sell – with low or no upfront costs. Discount coupon book fundraisers check off all of these items that are required to have a successful fundraiser.

Discount coupon books – don’t let them pass you by

When you purchase your new discount coupon book, you will get savings on your next trip, car rentals, movies, sporting goods stores and even recreational activities. No matter what generation you were born into -  the Millennial Generation, Baby Boomer or The Greatest Generation – you will enjoy the savings, the ease of the mobile app and the ability to visit businesses you may not otherwise visit.