Jump Start Your Fundraising Campaign With Coupon Books

A fundraising venture for local organizations such as schools, churches and nonprofits is oftentimes the only means of procuring funds to continue their charitable services. If you are faced with the task of throwing a fundraiser for your group and find yourself with limited time and resources, then you should definitely consider throwing a coupon book fundraiser. The nature of coupon book fundraisers facilitates that the participation of each party involved invariably helps the others. A coupon book vendor like Save Around will make coupon book sales while helping your organization realize a fundraiser in a stress-free way. The organizations in turn make up to 50% profit on each book and pass down the books savings to the fundraiser’s patrons. These community members can make back the cost of the book with the use of as little as two coupons. These patrons become customers to the vendors who are featured in the coupon book, completing the cycle. This symbiotic approach to fundraising will attract patrons and business alike to participate and help you reach your funding goals.

Coupon Book Fundraising Ideas

The path to a successful coupon book fundraiser is not difficult, it is especially intuitive if you’re constantly juggling a busy schedule. Coupon book providers like Save Around have simplified the process by enabling you to compile a book online, through a comprehensive user interface. They offer perks on both ends of the event by supplying organizations in need with free fundraising kits, and featuring free advertising for participating vendors.

  • Build Coupon Books by visiting Save Around, an experienced and reliable coupon book provider that can guide you through the process. A free fundraising kit from Save Around is a great way to get started. You stand to make up to 50% profit on every coupon book you sell. The comprehensive process will enable you to gauge just how many books you will need to purchase and sell in order to reach your financial goals.
  • Promote Your Fundraising Event in as many ways as you can. Print ads featuring dates and location information alongside promotional material for the participating business is a great start, but don’t stop there. Social media also provides an excellent method of promoting the event, and keeping interested followers updated. Handing out flyers and scheduling radio time may sound like a relic of times past, but they remain an effective method of engaging the public's attention.
  • Develop A Pattern of Fundraising Success by fostering the connections you build with both the local community and the businesses. Patrons who have saved money through your fundraisers are likely to return, as are businesses that have experienced an increase in sales due to their participation. With your first coupon book fundraiser you will have built a reliable template for future success. Make your group's fundraisers a frequent event and combine it with elements from the local culture such as musicians, poetry, artists and holiday celebrations.

As far as fundraising ideas go, a coupon books based event remains one of the most popular for its positive effect on all of the parties involved and its manageability for busy individuals. Once you become familiar with the process, you will revel in its simplicity and experience the peace of mind that comes from having a solid financial plan for your school, church, local sports team or charitable organization. You will also find that this type of activity always has room for growth, and that with each subsequent fundraiser the bonds that hold your community together will grow stronger and that the positive endeavors of your group will thrive.