How To Promote A Coupon Book Fundraiser

You have decided that a coupon book fundraiser is the best idea for your group’s financial goals, now you have to pull it off. Luckily, the path to a successful fundraiser is both simple and comprehensive. Once you have set up your preferred vendor coupons online and have your fundraising kit and coupon books in hand, all that is left is to promote your coupon book fundraiser. This final step in preparation is perhaps the most important, as it will attract the patrons that will make your event a success.

Do It Yourself Fundraising Ideas

Don’t be intimidated by the need to spread the news about your group’s event, the process is straightforward and will afford you the opportunity to make connections with people and organizations who may then be able to further advertise the fundraiser. These contacts will emphasize the community based approach of coupon book fundraising. Follow these steps to form those connections and promote your fundraiser.

  • Print Ads are the time-tested and most practical way of promoting a fundraiser. Be sure to post your visuals at the location of the fundraiser, any related offices or institutions and at businesses that are featured in the coupon books.
  • Engage Business that feature coupons in your group’s fundraiser. These companies are usually very eager to help spread the word to further increase their presence in the community. They may be able to help by posting signage, spreading the event info through word of mouth and also by propagating that info through social media.
  • A Social Media Campaign is a must this day in age. Eliciting interest in your group's fundraiser by creating a Facebook event can make sure that interested individuals receive reminders of the vents date and whereabouts. A daily tweet on Twitter can help further interest and inform potential patrons about changes or additions to the event. Use Instagram to post pictures of your event print ads, images of participating business, possible attendees and photos of the event itself.

Once you’ve invested time and put these do it yourself fundraising ideas into practice, you will invariably see positive results. After your group’s first successful coupon book fundraiser you’ll possess the experience and procedural template to repeat that success. Furthermore, you will have already developed a rapport with your community, local business and the coupon book company. Your subsequent coupon book fundraisers will see increasingly better results.