SupportOurGroups Chairperson Login

(formerly PartnerLink Portal)

Why use our
Chairperson Portal?

  • Customize your SupportOurGroups page

  • Track your SAPayNow and SupportOurGroups orders

  • Make a payment to SaveAround

  • Commit to your next SaveAround Fundraiser

  • Generate your fundraising statement and close out

Why use

  • Custom online store just for your group

  • Reach supporters in your hometown and across the country

  • Easy way to share your sale through email and social media

  • Allow your sellers to create their own shareable links

  • SaveAround will fulfill all online orders to your supporters 

Why use SAPayNow?

  • Easy way for your group to collect in-person credit card payments

  • Simple way for sellers to purchase the book sent home

  • All SAPayNow orders are fulfilled by your group

  • All SAPayNow orders are rolled into your closeout process.
    SupportOurGroups orders are not part of the closeout process

Helpful Videos

Have any questions on the Chairperson Portal or SupportOurGroups?

Email us at to schedule a quick tutorial.

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