Our Programs

Coupon Books

We believe in providing real value to parents and supporters. Our books allow supporters to save money as they dine, shop and play — all while supporting local businesses. 

 Working families do not benefit from marked up trinkets and expensive cookie dough. Our book offers great value and a way for groups in need of fundraising to offer a “non product” item that gives back.

Spirit wear and custom apparel are everywhere. We’d like the opportunity to present our pricing and products. Looking to fundraise? We’ve got that covered, literally, too! 

  • Design services included. 
  • Shipping always included. 
  • Product quality so good groups that consistently re-order.

Custom Apparel

Custom Coupon Booklet

New for 2019–20 fundraising! Customize and create a mini book with the coupons and merchants groups will value the most. Access to the mobile app is also included, just like our full-size books. We partner with groups to feature a few dozen of the best coupons for their network. 

Groups love that they can have multiple custom products in hand at once. It's made the close out process a breeze.

A Fundraising staple. Looking to offer seasonal items or to get the kids excited to sell Cookies? We can help.

Cookies and Treats

First Aid Kits

New and popular! 

Do you buy a box of band aids, use one and lose the rest of the box over time? Me too! 

Our first aid kit program is simple and profitable. Featuring kits for everyone. Pet-lovers, travelers, campers and sports teams. 

Made in the US, farm-to-table fundraising! Premium quality popcorn delivered to you through our quick and easy fundraising campaign.