Production Schedules

As summer takes off, school is closed or closing soon, it is time for production schedules to be confirmed and executed. Below is a review on how production schedules flow in the world of printing and production. This is how it looks in a normal (non-covid) year.

Jan - May

  • Merchant signing is underway
  • New Merchants signed for the coupon books
  • Returning Merchants renewed or offers updated
  • National offers are confirmed (new and returning)
  • Cover design finalized for 2025 books

This period of time also includes design proofs, correspondence with the merchants, and obtaining approval for the printed coupons in the book.

May - June - July

  • Production schedule finalized and files are uploaded to the printer
  • Blue lines are returned to review and approve (final check)
  • Once approved the electronic flipbooks are loaded to the website
  • Individual markets are printed and bound with the national section of the book

July - August - September - October

  • Books come off press and are delivered to the warehouse
  • Samples are shipped to the ICs for their personal inventory to show potential customers
  • Initial book orders (traditional sales) are sent out to the schools and groups
  • Remaining inventory received at the warehouse

While book markets are printed in the “gang run” fashion (print 2 or 4 books at a time) there are individual processes such as the binding process, printing covers on the markets, and then boxing those books into their specific cartons for shipping. Remember it’s just like going to the grocery store and checking out - someone goes first, someone is next, and someone is last.

So what can you do to affect the production schedule?

1. Send In Your Fall Contracts ASAP!!!!
Markets with contracts in house for committed groups with a specific # of books requested will be printed before markets with zero contracts. Complete the necessary paperwork completed ASAP and email it to to get your contract set up in the system.

2. Be flexible with your kickoff dates
Production is a moving target - presses need parts from time to time, the truck can break down, or a delivery can be delayed. BE FLEXIBLE! Send in the contract with the Needed By date, but if you have some wiggle room (by perhaps a week or so) please note that on your contract agreement. Until books actually arrive in the warehouse and completed through their final quality control checks, it’s imperative that you and your groups remain flexible.

3. Communication is Key
Notes on the contract agreements are vital. Call the office and have a conversation with the team to let us know what is needed. We’ll do everything possible to make it happen, but if you don’t communicate we don’t know how to help. You can always send an email to, too.

As production schedules are finalized and books are sent to the printer, the sales team will do their best to communicate with you and also to get your sample numbers logged in so we are ready to ship those orders when the books do arrive on site. A timely response from the ICs is much appreciated as we are trying to line up a lot of orders and deliveries at one time.


National Food Days

June 3rd - National Egg Day
June 4th - National Cheese Day
June 5th - National Donut Day


Group Relations Guidance

When filling out the fundraising agreements, it is critical that you are CLEAR on your notes, information, and instructions. The more details we have, the fewer delays there will be in processing your orders. Please note the following on any contracts you send in:

1. New Group vs. Resign Group
2. Rep Delivering Books vs. Shipping Books from the Warehouse
3. What Market? (don’t make us guess which book you are using for a group)
4. Contact info for the Group Leader including email and cell phone number

Be sure to pull the latest version of the contract off the website under Resources. If you have questions, contact


Weekly Tip

Leftover books - now what?
As you go through the summer cleaning purge and are getting your office in good order for the coming school year, you have discovered a few books that are leftover. What should you do with them? They will make a great thank you gift and are excellent tools for prospecting.

Leave one behind with the secretary as a thank you and then also leave one for the coach that you just missed. Attach a note or a business card and follow up with them. If you’ve done that then a trip to recycle any remaining books needs to be on your list.


June Fun Facts

1. June dates back to the Romans and Junius.
2. June has the longest and shortest day of the year depending upon which hemisphere you are standing in.
3. Two astrological signs of June are Gemini and Cancer.
4. June is the only month with its own bug - the June Beetle or the June Bug are found in the US during the months of May and June.
5. June is National Smile Month.
6. June’s flowers are the honeysuckle and the rose.
7. Tennis fans enjoy Wimbledon which is played in June.
8. Birthstones include Alexandrite, Moonstone and the Pearl.
9. National Flag days: 6/6 Sweden, 6/14 USA, and 6/15 Denmark.
10. Lots of June weddings are held along with the summer solstice.
Production Schedules