It's not Too Late to Fundraise this Fall!

Fall may be in full swing, but there is still time to fundraise! Whether your school needs to raise funds for that class trip, your sports team needs new uniforms, or your organization just needs a little extra to fill your budget, SaveAround is here to help.

Here’s a few things that make the SaveAround experience such a breeze when it comes to fundraising.

First, is the strong tie between SaveAround and your local community. While we sell coupon books across the nation, we have a team working hard to coordinate with the restaurants, small businesses, and shops that make your home, home. It’s completely free for businesses to be included in the book and in our mobile app, and they find increased levels of traffic after just a few months of working with us. Furthermore, this allows businesses to drive more traffic as they aim to get back on their feet.

Second, SaveAround is a family-owned fundraising company to its core and has been for over four decades and three generations. We’re committed to making sure our fundraising groups receive some of the highest profit margins in the industry with up to 50% commission. We wouldn’t have it any other way.

Third, you can stand behind the quality of a SaveAround coupon book. Because our books include so many local businesses, your supporters can save at many of the places they already frequent. You don’t need to feel bad convincing your supporters to buy overpriced knick-knacks. Instead, give them the opportunity to both give back AND save big with one of our coupon books.

Fourth, is the digital side of our company. We have a dedicated support team to help you and your fundraising representative will be there to make sure the process moves along as planned. Additionally, each and every book contains a code for access to our mobile app. This means your supporters will be getting an even greater value for those who might be more comfortable using a smartphone. Finally, we provide a unique link for each and every group to take orders online with our SupportOurGroups platform, in addition to the traditional in-person method of taking orders.

Finally, our fundraisers are simple, easy, and risk-free. There are never any up-front costs!

It's not Too Late to Fundraise this Fall!