Why reinvent the wheel? We've got fundraising covered


When you fundraise with the SaveAround book, you’re offering your supporters a customized book full of great local and national deals, wherever they may live. But you’re also offering access to a custom, location-aware mobile app for iOs and Android, too. We designed our app to be intelligent enough to know your location, what businesses you’re close to — and how much you can save. That’s a premium product that’s simply infeasible for most organizations to make themselves. It’s almost as if we made an app from scratch just for you. Give it a try!

How does this impact you and your fundraising efforts? Well, here at SaveAround we’ve spent over four decades meticulously building relationships with merchants all across North America. That means our network already exists and operates on a huge scale! Imagine going to every business in your neighborhood and trying to get participants for your own coupon book, only to discover that it’s already been done. Imagine coordinating with teams of software developers to make a mobile app with location-aware maps, readily-displayed contact information, and code redemption. We’ve already done all that, and we want to share it with you.

It’s much more cost-effective to use what we’ve already built. Really, that’s what SaveAround is: a sprawling network of merchants, all offering meaningful discounts in exchange for promotion in the same network. It’s a system where everyone involved wins, especially when the end consumer saves a bunch of money. It’s a product that customers actually want, because it’s so easy to save and so fun to flip through the book.

Beyond helping the merchants and businesses in the book, fundraising groups serve to profit through fundraising with the book. In the interest of transparency, we work with fundraising groups because we don’t believe in pure door-to-door sales. Our product — a product with real value — doesn’t work that way. That’s what we mean when we say ‘our books sell themselves’. Simply show your coworkers the book and leave the order form at the office. Let people make their own assessment once they see the book, and you’ll get a handful of orders with no effort and no awkwardness. Selling to neighbors and family members is that simple, too. And if they live across the country, we will ship them a book relevant for their area instead, because we offer each group a unique platform to sell books online. With books is over 170 markets, we have a book from almost every city in the country.

Why reinvent the wheel when we’ve already put in the work? Fundraise with SaveAround and let our experience work for you.