Why Local Companies Love Advertising in Coupon Books

Coupon advertising is sweeping the country. When you take advantage of successful discount coupon strategies, you will enjoy a steady stream of customers - both new and repeat - into your business. Merchants who advertise in fundraising coupon books appreciate the bold, bright colors that are used to show off their services and merchandise. 

Free advertising!

Advertising with coupons is free to businesses and guaranteed to be viewed by your customers. All you need to do to get your discount ad into the next coupon book is to provide SaveAround with your logo and your great discount offer -the rest is taken care of. You will see your advertising before it is published to make sure everything is just as you want it. 

What you will find

When you choose coupon book sales as a new method of advertising, you will increase the frequency of purchases made by your customers. Discounts will encourage new customers to come to your business and even buy more when they can combine their additional purchases with a discount coupon. 

When customers know they will receive a discount, they will go to extra lengths to make sure they use the coupon. Discounts entice customers to break their shopping routines and patterns to try new businesses. 

Are you a new business?

New businesses can use all the help they can get to make their brand recognized within their community.  What better way to bring new customers through your doors than by giving them something they can appreciate - a discount! Curiosity and a good deal will encourage customers to visit your newly established business.

Support local

Coupon books are community focused - with some well-known brands and businesses sprinkled throughout. Taking part in a fundraiser that benefits your community's non-profit organizations will show your support for local groups. 

What types of offers? 

You can decide whether you want to present a discount, or the ever-popular 'buy one-get one free' type of offer. Whichever method you choose, your discount will make your customers feel valued and appreciated. 


Request information on the steps to take to make sure your ad is placed in the next coupon book fundraiser. Promoting your business with this free method of advertising will keep your customers spreading the word about your business and what great things you have to offer.