Using Coupon Books To Save Thousands On The Things You Love

If you have been asked to support local nonprofits, church groups or sports teams - you're not alone. You have probably selectively supported the activities that you may not have been interested in, and even bought products that you didn't want or use - just to help out your local groups and youths. That's just how most of us are - we want to help, and it's hard to say no to a good cause.

A fundraising event where the participants sell discount coupon books is not that kind of fundraiser!

Save thousands of dollars with discount coupons

You should jump at the chance to purchase a coupon book. It is chock-full of coupons that you will use throughout the year. Don't pass up the chance to save on activities, recreation and restaurant deals. 

The coupons contained in fundraising books represent your local merchants and businesses - but that's not all. When you plan your next vacation, you can use the valuable discounts when you make hotel and car rental reservations.

Isn't it fun to travel to the other side of town to check out a new business or restaurant? When you have a discount coupon, you will be able to save while you investigate places you might not otherwise go. 

The coupons contained in a fundraising event coupon book are for restaurants and businesses that you will use and enjoy. They are carefully chosen and researched so that they can pass on savings to their valued customers. 

Coupon discounts are for everyone -- not just your typical coupon clippers

At some point in our history, discount coupons got a bad reputation. But this reputation has gone the way of land lines. Coupons are popular among affluent folks, millennials and just about every demographic that you can think of. 

Coupon clipping isn't even necessary anymore - but, it is still alive and well. With a fundraising coupon book you don't need to clip. There aren't many that are not able to get coupons downloaded on their phones. With the new coupon books that your local groups will be selling, you will be able to have quick access to your discounts with your mobile device. 

A few coupon statistics

Just to show you that you won't be the only one using discount coupons - here are some interesting statistics from a few companies that specialize in consumer purchasing habits.

  • Coupons are used by 96% of consumers
  • 2.8 billion discount coupons were redeemed in 2014
  • Approximately 85% of consumers look for discount coupons before shopping
  • 85% of Americans use discount coupons

You can see that you aren't the only one who likes to take advantage of a good deal and save money. Keep track of how much money you save this year when you use discount coupons. You will be surprised at the amount. Put that savings amount away for a special treat - or a rainy day. 

You will save thousands of dollars on purchases you would already make - as well as help out your local nonprofit organizations when you buy a discount coupon book during their next fundraising event.