The Unusual Fundraiser That’s Taking the Country By Storm

When you think of fundraisers you typically think of raffle tickets, candy bars, cookie dough, magazines and gift catalogs.

What about first aid kits? Yes, we said first aid kits.

On an annual basis SaveAround helps thousands of schools, clubs, teams and organizations across the country collectively raise millions of dollars. Our most popular fundraising product are our coupon books, but first aid kits are quickly catching up.

Although it may sound odd, first aid kits are actually a very practical and effective fundraiser. Our fundraising groups realize that 1) most don’t own a first aid kit and 2) most people recognize the need to have one, which is an ideal scenario when running one of these sales.

And it’s not just a one-size-fits all first aid kit either. Our available kits include home, workplace, survival, outdoor, sport, auto and pet. Basically, we offer a first aid kit for almost every location and scenario.

Besides being a very practical fundraiser, first aid kit sales require no upfront investment by your group and you can earn up to 50% profit.

So, next time you’re looking to run a unique and effective fundraiser take a chance to learn more about a SaveAround first aid kit fundraiser.