Super Savings, Fantastic Fundraiser!

These days it’s hard to get your money’s worth. Especially when it comes to school or sports fundraising, there’s a lot of overpriced trinkets and treats. While it’s great to help your schools and sports organizations, wouldn’t it be great to get something of value in exchange?

That’s why SaveAround is a leader in the fundraising space. For over four decades we’ve provided local organizations with a way to raise funds and give their supporters something valuable in return.

We want to provide you with savings at the local businesses and national chains you love most — and raise money for causes you care about at the same time. That’s why SaveAround shares up to 50% of profits with the groups that fundraise with us, one of the highest profit margins in the fundraising industry.

So ask your schools and sports teams to get started fundraising with SaveAround! Our experienced team makes it easy to sell books in-person and online.

Don’t know any groups that need to fundraise? That’s okay, you can still order an individual book online, shipped to your door.

P.S. Every book comes with a subscription code for our mobile app for iOS or Android. The SaveAround mobile app is location-aware, meaning that whether you’re traveling for school or work, or even move across the country, your app will help you find savings near you.