Simple Coupon Book Fundraising For The Office

Has your office been assigned the task of deciding what type of fundraiser to take part in? Have you done some research and found that the list of products to sell is a never-ending? One of the most popular and successful fundraisers is discount coupon book sales. Your participants will thank you for choosing an easy to sell, and easy to maintain, way to bring additional money to your budget.



What type of discounts?


The discount coupons included in fundraising books focus primarily on local businesses - but many well-known brands and companies are also included. These national company discounts include car rentals, hotels, chain restaurants and stores - as well as movie theaters, activity centers and travel discounts. There are discount coupons that are appealing to everyone.



It’s a win-win for everyone!


When you choose a coupon book fundraising project you not only help your local non-profit organizations, but it is actually a win-win situation for everyone involved.


First of all, your group will be able to make up to 50% profit, which will help your financial position and meet your goals. Your local businesses can enjoy a substantial profit with an increase in their clientele – both new customers, repeat customers and even seeing some past customers returning. Your office will be seen as one that supports local businesses.



It’s not complicated


One of the most popular and successful fundraisers - discount coupon sales are also one of the most easily managed. You have no up-front costs because you sell the books on consignment. Companies and businesses are always pleased with the way their information is displayed in these colorful and bright books. Easy to read and understand, the discount coupons are valuable to everyone who buys the books. In fact, many people wait for new books to be released from the publisher each year – even buying them to give as gifts.



Choosing the right type of office fundraiser can be a difficult task when you need to make sure it fits into the office culture. However, when it’s time for your office to decide on their next fundraiser, make the easy decision – choose the one with the product that sells itself– discount coupon books!