SaveAround's Quick Fundraising Guide

Fundraising can be difficult, but it doesn’t have to be. At SaveAround we have decades of fundraising experience. We’ve seen what works and what doesn’t work for groups. Below we compiled a few best practices to help you fundraise.

Pick A Product That Works For Your Organization

There are many fundraising options out there. They fall into two categories: great and not-so-great. While many fundraisers rely on generosity and a huge markup, the good ones can be identified by the strength of the product and the value it provides. Picking a fundraising product that has real-world value will not only provide a great experience for your supporters but will have them ready to support your next fundraising campaign!

Start With A Plan & Stay Organized

Try to keep your fundraising goals simple. Make a list of who your target supporters are and in what areas. For instance, if you’re a school, supporters are likely to be parents, teachers, staff and alumni of that school. Once you’re ready to kick-off your fundraiser make sure you’re organized. All of your group participants should be well versed in the product you’re selling, its benefits, and the best ways to promote it. We also recommend setting realistic goals for each member of your organization so that they stay on-task and motivated. And don’t forget to stress the “WHY” your fundraising campaign — a consistent message of why, exactly, you’re raising money. Supporters are much more likely to get behind a specific cause than a general one. We can’t stress enough the importance of recruiting dedicated volunteers to your cause who are available and willing to help you achieve your fundraising goals.

Stay Focused

A shorter, more focused fundraiser is more effective than a long and uninspired campaign. Running too many different fundraisers can lead your supporters to mental and financial fatigue. We find that running a single, quality fundraiser brings in more earnings and a more enthusiastic response than running 2-3 other fundraisers simultaneously. It can be counterproductive to run multiple fundraisers in quick succession. You may experience a drop in earnings or even lose supporters frustrated by continued requests for their money and effort. You can remedy this by running one, simple, and effective fundraiser that scales well with a high earning potential. It’s important to give your supporters a heads-up about your plans and schedule so that they aren’t blindsided when the time comes. While there’s a lot of reasons why SaveAround coupon books fit the bill, the simple answer is that decades of experience have proven it!

Leverage All Of The Tools At Your Disposal

We understand that supporters will shop in different ways. A majority of our fundraising groups utilize in-person selling, but this can ultimately limit the reach and effectiveness of your fundraiser. SaveAround makes it easy to sell not only in-person, but online as well. Online selling allows you to reach supporters outside your home market as well as local patrons you may have not directly reached in your first sweep. With online fundraising, you can spread your fundraiser through social media and email outreach with minimal effort. Never hesitate to ask your fundraising provider for sales collateral, flyers, and any other tools you believe will help increase the effectiveness of your fundraising campaign! A good fundraising company will provide the materials and websites you need to succeed.

About SaveAround

SaveAround makes it easy for you to have a successful fundraiser, whether you’re interested in coupon books, custom apparel, or something else. When you partner with SaveAround, you will benefit from decades of successful fundraising. Focusing your efforts on fundraising will help you earn the funds you need to meet your goals – without the difficult overhead and cost that other companies require. Our books and apparel are affordable, in-demand and easy to sell. Most of our fundraisers require no upfront cost, too!

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