Reap the Benefits of Using Coupon Books in a Coupon Fundraiser

Whether it be schools, churches or sports teams, many groups and organizations depend a great deal on fundraising for special projects, equipment - and to meet budget requirements. Are you looking for a fundraising method that will be profitable for your group but not a nightmare to oversee? 

Start out with a plan. There are several important things to take into consideration before choosing on a fundraiser. Identifying the right fundraiser can be discouraging because there are so many methods to consider. Do you want an activity - or do you want to have a product? Do you have strong base of volunteers to help administer the fundraiser? You want to use your resources wisely so you don't end up burning out your volunteers! 


Groups who have chosen coupon books as their fundraiser have found success with this method of raising money for their projects. 

  • Significant profits
  • Risk-free
  • Easy to sell
  • Minimal obligations

Significant profits. The reason groups work so hard on fundraising projects is to earn money for their organization. You want a product or service that gives back a significant profit for the work that it takes to manage the fundraiser. Your group will be able to raise substantial funds in a short period of time. With a coupon fundraiser your return on sales is significantly more than with many other products. 

Risk-free. Coupon discounts are sold on consignment, so there is no risk to you. Any books that are not sold can be returned. 

Easy to sell. Coupons are easy to sell. The customer only has to use a few of the coupons to save more than they spent on the book! Each area's coupon book is designed with local purchases in mind. Your customers will be able to use their discounts at their area businesses including restaurants, stores, recreational, sports activities and even fast food.  Local merchants love to have their businesses or services represented in coupon books as a way to bring in new customers and is a marketing tool that really works for them. Customers can take advantage of discounts for national companies as well - such as movie theaters, sporting goods stores, rental cars, hotels and even travel packages!

Minimal obligations. Fundraising with coupon books means that the people in charge have fewer obligations. This can be a welcome change if they have been bogged down managing other types of fundraisers. 


Regardless of the size of your group, a coupon fundraiser is an effective and worthwhile way for you to meet the financial goals of your organization. 

Getting started. Getting started is easy. First - set the fundraising dates, usually two to three weeks. Coupon books are easy to sell and many people wait for the new ones to be available each year. Orders are taken and the customer pays for the book with each order. At the closing date for the fundraiser, you will place an order and pay for the total number of books. It only takes a few days for you to receive your books which then can be delivered to your happy customers! 

Your organization will reap the benefits of a coupon fundraiser while supporting local merchants in your area. Everybody wins!