Maximize Fundraising Sales With These Effective Fundraising Ideas

There are many reasons why fundraising is a valuable undertaking.  They are the catalyst for donors to give; perhaps for needed school items, public services, or programs that offer aid to those experiencing hardship.  Fundraisers attempt to address the needs of those who are less fortunate.  They tend to increase awareness that we are all part of a community, and a certain amount of responsibility goes with that position.  Following are two effective fundraising sales; fundraising ideas that help maximize fundraising revenue. 

Create a Variety of Events to Realize Your Fundraising Goals

A fundraising dinner can be the foundation for a variety of additional fundraising sales; fundraising ideas.  A raffle could be included as part of the evening’s options.  Other possibilities for maximizing fundraising sales at a dinner fundraiser include:

  • Wine Tasting

There are a variety of ways to host wine tastings at large dinner events.  One way is to invite sponsors to sell bottles of wine to the guests.  The event receives a percentage of the proceeds. 

  • Balloon Drop

Helium balloons filled with prizes are a great addition to a fundraiser.  Often local businesses will agree to donate prizes, or even small amounts of cash have been used to surprise the buyer.  Each balloon costs a certain amount to buy.  The more you buy, the better your chances. 

  • Silent Auction

Auction items can be featured on display tables near the main dining area.  Featured items should be exhibited prominently.  Often, bundling items or services brings in more money than they would if separated.   

  • Scratch Cards

Pre-made scratch cards can be presented to all attendees.  These cards are offered by numerous fundraising companies at a nominal cost.  Each card has a succession of spots that can be scratched off.  The fundraiser participants are asked to scratch off two of the spots and donate that dollar amount to the organization. 

Recycling Fundraisers

A growing trend is recycling fundraisers, as more and more people are joining in the effort to save the environment.  It also doesn’t cost the donor any money.  Recycling fundraising efforts can include aluminum, plastic, cell phones, and print and toner cartridges.  Ask your donors to bring them in to support your efforts.

While keeping the fundraising goals in sight, the best fundraisers engage donors to attend and participate.  Dinners, raffles, balloon drops, and auctions are all part of an engagement exercise.  Donors will feel comfortable giving little amounts, or large amounts, but a good time is had by all.   Recycling fundraisers are also win-win enterprises as unneeded items are taken in for a worthy cause.  People will come to your event because of family, friends, or business associates.  Some will come because they want to share in the activity.  A few will come solely to contribute.  To maximize your fundraising sales, create a variety of engaging opportunities for donors.  An enjoyable evening, a good meal, and an assortment of events will keep your donors talking, and coming back.