Is Offering Coupon Books For Sale Worth It?

When your non-profit organization is searching for a fundraiser that is easy to maintain and worth the time and effort it takes for a successful fundraiser – make sure coupon book sales is at the top of your list.



Not all fundraisers are the same


If you have been on your organization’s fundraising team in the past, you know that there are many types of fundraisers to choose from. Some offer high returns, but come with many man-hours of work. Some require more up-front money than you have to spare, and may not yield the profit that needed to keep your non-profit organization financially stable. Coupon books can give you the return you need to meet your organization’s budget with no up-front costs – and you can make up to 50% profit.



Super clean and easy product to sell


If you have worked with fundraising products in the past, you know that many are messy and even some require refrigeration. Some have complicated order forms and are difficult for your participants to collect for. When you have had difficult experiences with fundraisers, you will appreciate the ease of selling these clean, bright and colorful coupon books.


Not only will you have a product that will sell itself, but you will be pleasantly surprised how easy the accounting and bookkeeping tasks are – compared with some fundraisers you may have worked with in the past.



Is it worth it?


A coupon book fundraising project is worth it for everyone involved. The non-profit group who takes on this fun fundraiser gains the profit needed to complete the goals they have set. The businesses that take part by offering their customers discounts for goods and services will increase their client base – and the community wins by the successes and growth of their non-profit organizations. Coupon book sales – the number one fundraiser!