How to Participate in A No Cost Fundraiser with Coupon Books

If you have worked with fundraisers, you know there are some that take a lot of time to manage. Keeping track of orders, product handling and the stress of selling different types of products can be difficult for those who are selling - and for those involved managing the fundraiser. You may even have to put up a large investment to get the program started.

The ease of coupon books

Choosing coupon discount books as your no cost fundraising project allows you to have a profitable fundraiser without the stress.

  • Risk-free
  • Fast
  • Easy
  • Profitable

With coupon books, there is no money required up front - and best of all, there are no minimum orders. You can raise the money you need in just a few short weeks. No more keeping track of who ordered what! Coupon books sell themselves - and they give you the return that you need to meet fundraising goals. 

Why they sell so well

Most people are familiar with coupon books. They have either used them or heard others talk about them. When your group begins selling, word gets out and selling is easy. The books themselves are colorful and reasonably priced. People enjoy their discounts at local and national businesses. Local merchants love to take part in discount coupon books since they increase the traffic to their business and bring in repeat visitors. 


It's easy to get started with no cost fundraising. Each member of the selling group receives at least one selling packet. They collect the money at the time of the sale, so they don't have to worry about ordering and not receiving payment. The fundraising team will decide how long the selling period is - usually two to three weeks. Once the orders are taken, all you have to do is send your orders in, along with the payment, and you will receive your books in only a few days. 

Delivery is the fun part. Since the books are pre-paid, all you have to do is deliver them to your customers. They will be able to enjoy the many discounts throughout the year. 

So forget about those hard to manage, complicated fundraisers. With no-cost fundraising coupon books, fundraising goals will be met without the fuss that is associated with many fundraising ideas. They are a win-win method of raising money for your group or organization.