Fundraising — about more than just the money

We get it, finances are tight these days. You’re pulled in multiple directions at work and at home, and support for organizations seems dwindling at times.

Groups sometimes see fundraising as a way to make ends meet when other sources of funding fall through. And while it’s certainly true that running a coupon book, custom apparel, or gift brochure fundraiser is a good way to make some extra cash for your group, it’s not the only reason you should consider it.

In much the same way that volunteering makes for a great group activity, so is getting your group together for a project that’s entrepreneurial in spirit. If your team spends a little time looking at the options and settles on a fundraiser they think provides real value, it’s easy to feel enthusiastic. And that enthusiasm is infectious to the point that fundraising doesn’t feel like selling, it just feels like a productive group activity with a surefire shot at success.

In this way, fundraising can become a team-building activity where you can refine real world-skills for a good cause — your cause!

As a company that works with hundreds of fantastic schools and organizations, we at SaveAround, believe in the power of fundraising. Beside the money and beside the personal value for you and your team to build something you can stand behind, we believe fundraising fulfills a vital role in the community that often sits vacant. When there’s a cause worth pursuing, the community used to rally behind them; these days sometimes not too much happens. We want to help you flip the script and make your goals a reality.

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