A Fundraiser That Isn't Door to Door

One of the common misconceptions about fundraising is that you need to be a good salesperson. So when parents hear about their children’s fundraisers, the first thought can be ‘I don’t want them selling anything’.

A SaveAround fundraiser isn’t about selling — it’s about saving money and helping the community. After 40 years in business we’ve seen many companies come and go, offering the same cheap, overpriced products. Our fundraisers have always been about offering the buyer — your supporters — something of real value. That’s why we devote all of our time and energy to making big, beautiful coupon books packed full of real savings at businesses near you.

When you spell it out that way, it’s really quite simple. Flip through one of our books and you’ll immediately understand why our books sell themselves. Anyone who shops or goes out to eat even twice a month can see the value in a buy-one-get-one entree.

That means you or your children don’t need to go door-to-door. Simply bring the sample book (provided free) and order form to the office and leave it somewhere public. Taking orders is as simple as that. With different editions all across the US, you can call up family members on the other side of the country to take orders, too. When your fundraiser ends, we’ll ship their edition right to them.

And new this year, we launched an enhanced version of our online fundraising platform, SupportOurGroups. This platform is easy-to-use and allows our groups to reach supporters all across the country. Since SaveAround handles all of the logistics for online purchases, raising money with us has becoming even EASIER!

So if you’re a teacher, administrator, sports coach, or are just looking for a Fall fundraiser, consider SaveAround! Literal decades of experience makes us leaders in the industry. As a small, American company many of us are parents too. We understand how busy things get in the Fall. That’s why we want to make fundraising as easy as possible — for you and your kids!