As the world evolves into more digital communication, certain things take a little longer to become commonplace. One of those is leveraging digital discounts at small businesses. To combat the adoption of digital deals, we provide custom printed products on behalf of your brand with thousands of dollars of valuable and relevant savings from local, regional, and national merchants.
  • SaveAround’s platform leverages over 500,000 rich and relevant offers that can be printed by market as an earned or unearned benefit to your customers.
  • Your customers get rich and relevant offers at over 110,000 locations from their favorite local, regional, and national brands.
  • SaveAround distributes more than four million coupon books throughout the US and Canada on an annual basis and we are in 170 North American markets alone.
  • Various programs looking for engagement, acquisition, and retention use this a high perceived value low cost benefit such as FI, Networks, Fuel, Newspapers, and Affinity Groups.

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