Loyalty & Rewards

SaveAround’s vast experience and world-class team of salespeople, marketers and innovators has allowed us to focus on developing the most optimal solutions for various industries that build loyalty instead of just meeting the benchmark of your competitors. SaveAround’s loyalty platform focuses on a holistic solution including many components but our platform also have to flexibility can also be broken up to plug into existing programs:
  • Scoring off various actions
  • Real time or fulfillment redemption experiences
  • Inclusive of Perks Loyalty
  • Payment/ID based merchant funded
  • Interface or develop additional applications (i.e., mobile, CRM) that are relevant for your consumer and organization
  • Communication, Reporting & Analytics
SaveAround believes a major gap exists today in truly understanding the consumer and their needs. SaveAround can work with your organization on a consultative manner to develop the best solution to build loyalty and brand equity, putting your clients front-and-center. When you choose SaveAround you will have access to the brightest minds in the industry and our superior technology, all at a cost that is economical for your organization.

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