Card Linked

SaveAround enables banks, fuel retailers, retailers, card link technology providers, coalition programs, and other loyalty programs to provide additional ways for their members to earn rewards for everyday purchases at highly relevant and local merchants. SaveAround is providing an innovative solution for the card link industry by supporting local, regional, and national merchants, creating always-on offers, and reducing consumer friction.

So how does it work?
  • SaveAround will work directly with partners to auto enroll credit or debit (signature) card portfolios or develop a card registration model to provide benefit.
  • SaveAround will leverage any/all data to target relevant merchants to provide value into the program.
  • Members will receive always-on points/cash back as part of program as well as access to everyday print/online/mobile offers to generate engagement.
  • Members simply shop around the area at existing retailers or discover new dining, entertainment, and retail shops and earn additional value.
  • SaveAround leverages its technology and merchant content to bring local retailers into your program and reconcile funds with all parties in a turnkey manner.

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